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Want to help out, but don't know how? CLSAS gladly accept all kinds of donations! From monetary to services, we are very appreciative of anything that helps us further our mission. We are specifically looking for: monetary donations, print services, legal services, grant writing services, or event spaces - don't forget, your donations are tax deductible


Donations can specified in what you want them used for, whether that be a specific event or wider access to certain language materials. We’re happy to fulfill all request to the best of our abilities! If a use is not specified, we’ll apply your donations in a way that we see best fills the current needs of the organization at the time, such as: language resources, event planning, language advocacy, or something as simple as just keeping the lights on.


If you'd like to help out, please reach out at:




Check out some of the projects we are helping to support:


Anesce Dremen

CLS China

Creative Writing Workshop Series

The Culture of Creativity: Writing Workshop is a free virtual workshop series sponsored by the Critical Language Scholarship Alumni Society (CLSAS). The workshops are for Gilman and CLS Alumni and are intended to promote culturally sensitive and internationally informed creative writing. If you're interested in attending one of the free sessions, please visit our "events" page to register!

Rafi's headshot_edited.jpg

Rafi Nawuridam

CLS Arabic 2018

Asha's Headshot_edited.jpg

Asha Athman

CLS Arabic 2017

CLS Diversity and Inclusion Survey

CLS Alumni Asha Athman and Rafi Nawuridam are reaching out to past students who have participated in the Critical Language Scholarship Program in order to gauge the challenges students faced regarding diversity and inclusion while studying abroad on CLS. We wanted to take the time to survey alumni on this topic and utilize our findings to support a number of recommendations we plan to share with CLS staff at American Councils. We hope these recommendations will initiate steps at the Councils to assist future students that find themselves struggling with similar obstacles. We promise that confidentiality will be observed and respected regarding what you share with us.

Understanding the breadth and diversity of your experiences will allow us to present a more thorough understanding of how and where students seeing prejudice and discrimination.
We invite you to join us in advocating on behalf of better diversity and inclusion measures.

Contacts for questions and comments:

Asha Athman

Rafi Nawuridam


Sarah Whipple

CLS Alumni Ambassador

CLS Arabic 2017

CLS Alumni Ambassador Sarah Whipple is working on a project to create materials that will help future CLS participants navigate LBGTQIA+ identities while at their CLS host sites.


LGBTQIA+ students have thrived across the CLS languages and sites, but studying abroad as a queer student can present unique challenges.


To gather information for students of different identities and target languages, Sarah is surveying queer CLS alums about their experiences abroad and advice for future participants, and will host interactive calls about topics relating to LGBTQIA+ study abroad.


If you are interested in taking the survey, participating in a call, or otherwise engaging in the project, you can contact Sarah at:

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