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There will be four sets of memberships: General, Student, Professional, and Patron. To become a member in any form, one must have completed the Critical Language Scholarship in its entirety, including post-program requirements as required by American Councils.


To become a General member, one must successfully have completed a membership application and be verified by CLSAS in their completion of the Critical Language Scholarship.


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Student Member Pricing

$10 for the year

$25 for 3 years


Professional Member Pricing

$25 for the year

$60 for 3 years


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Featured Members

Garik Sadovy

CLS Indonesia 2012

CLS Indonesia 2015

Garik is an engineering consultant working in the field of science, technology, and policy, with a particular focus on artificial intelligence and materials science. He is interested in disentangling the questions of how society might best approach aims of economic automation, equitable access to the human ontology, and future points of technological transition.


He undertook studies in materials science and engineering at North Carolina State University where he became interested in biomaterial intellectual property and biopiracy. These interests led him to Indonesia, where he studied language and did independent wildlife conservation policy research as a 2011 Boren Scholar and a 2012 Critical Language Scholar. After returning to the US, he began graduate studies at NCSU in geospatial analytics and returned again to Indonesia as a 2013 Boren Fellow to work for the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) on projects related to the implementation and evaluation of REDD+ programs. After 2 years at CIFOR, he returned again to Malang as a 2015 Critical Language Scholar. He has a particular fondness for the Indonesian language, and can often be found writing Indonesian poetry and making contributions to the Indonesian Wikipedia in his spare time.


Garik is a part of the Partnerships effort at CLSAS, and is continually looking to better understand the goals of CLS grads and how the alumni society might best assist them in achieving these goals. If you have any ideas about how CLSAS could leverage an organizational partnership to further enable its members, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Naika Pierre

CLS China 2014

Naika graduated from Tufts University in May 2014 with a BA in International Relations and Chinese and went on to participate in the CLS program at Suzhou University in Suzhou, China that same year. Following CLS, Naika served as an AmeriCorps service member working with immigrants and refugees in the Boston community in the areas of employment, citizenship, and language education.


She left Boston to obtain her Masters of Arts in Human Rights Studies from Columbia University in February 2017, concentrating on development-induced displaced in China. While at Columbia, Naika worked also an Administrative Associate at Asia Catalyst, an NGO working on strengthening civil society and advancing the rights of marginalized communities in Asia.


She currently works as a Human Rights Specialist at the New York City Commission on Human Rights, processing discrimination complaints and conducting complaint pre-intervention involving disability accommodation requests. Although Naika does not currently use her Mandarin professionally, she continues to meet with a tutor weekly and makes time to attend language meet-ups in the city

Ben Parker

CLS China 2012

Ben is an architect whose research and practice focus is contemporary architecture in China. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2015 with degrees in architecture and Asian Studies (Chinese). He currently works at Overland Partners, an international, multi-disciplinary design firm based in San Antonio, Texas.


While at UT, Ben authored With Chinese Characteristics: Foreign Architects and National Identity in China’s Architecture, 2001-2015, an undergraduate thesis looking at how foreign (non-Chinese) architects incorporate elements of Chinese culture into their buildings in China. This work led him to contemporary Chinese architects and their approach to inheritance, an interest which resulted in Building Contradictions: Aesthetics as a Locus for Criticism in Contemporary Architecture. Now, Ben is looking at China’s smaller cities, investigating how they might serve as drivers of identity and sustainability in a nation obsessed with bigness. This is his life as a researcher.



As a practitioner, Ben works with Overland on architecture and urban design projects in China, focusing specifically on urban waterways and their transition from industrial infrastructures to vibrant public places. He uses his CLS target language of Chinese frequently in his work and his research. His current language goal is to improve his ability to give spontaneous presentations, so that he can better present architectural ideas to clients in a short time frame.


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