The Critical Language Scholarship Alumni Society (CLSAS) provides alumni with avenues for professional development, community engagement, and language retention. The association serves as an advocate for the continued advancement of critical language studies and cultural exchange in the US and abroad.

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Annual Conference
Podcast Series
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Happy Hours

CLSAS hosts an annual conference every spring in the Washington, D.C. area. Alumni gather to network, attend workshops, and meet potential employers.

Two CLS alumni, Miriam and Ashley, have created a podcast for CLSAS members and CLS alumni. It is an open and honest conversation-based series surrounding language, studying abroad, and diversity. 

CLSAS members gather for happy hours, language meet-ups, coffee, and other casual events hosted by CLSAS. Often times, events are free, subsidized, or are used as fundraisers for the organization.

Cities with the most CLSAS Members: 

1) Washington, D.C.

2) New York City

3) Boston

4) Beijing

Source: 2017 CLSAS survey responses

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