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Q: How do I become a member?

A: Simply fill out the application form on the memberships page and we will get back to you when your application is approved.

Q: If there are no events in my city, am I allowed to host a CLS event?

A: Yes! Please reach out to the CLSAS Events Coordinator to learn more and get involved.

Q: I have some cool ideas about CLSAS. Who do I contact or inform?

A: That is awesome! Please send us an email to and we will redirect or connect you to one of our leaders. We are looking for ideas and would love your feedback/input.

Q: What's the benefit of becoming a paying member?

A: Full (and free) access to all CLSAS events, including our annual conference, co-sponsored events, career coaching, mentorship, career fairs, networking events, etc. At CLSAS, we will support all CLS alumni, dues-paying members or not, but our paying members get the extra perks and first access to all events and funding for travel/lodging when it is available. 

Q: What does CLSAS do with membership dues?

A: Membership dues will be used for programming including but not limited to offsetting event costs, website upkeep and expansion to include access to more resources, discounts to language learning platforms, and costs relating to language advocacy projects.


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