General Responsibilities

While the weekly time commitment of these roles is variable, CLSAS Leadership Board (LB) members should expect to spend an average of 5 to 10 hours per week on CLSAS-related work, which includes time spent planning and in meetings. In addition to the specific portfolios below, all CLSAS LB members are expected to:

- Communicate with the CLSAS LB via Slack, email, and phone calls in a timely and professional fashion. We recognize CLSAS is an all-volunteer organization and accommodate requests for absences and periods of limited communication.

- Virtually attend monthly board meetings and provide regular updates on their committee work to fellow board members and volunteers. Attend an in-person annual conference (funding provided by CLSAS).

- Review and vote on Leadership Board business, including bylaw amendments, requests for funding, and approval of board partnerships.

- Provide feedback on a range of official board documents, including for meetings with external organizations including American Councils for International Education (AC).


Board Structure

The CLSAS Leadership Board is made up of 10 total roles:

  • Executive Committee roles: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer

  • Non-Executive roles: Each of the committees below is chaired by a board member, referred to as the ‘Director of [Committee]’ and/or ‘[Committee] Coordinator’

Executive Role 1: President

- Manages the Leadership Board’s general strategic direction, distribution of tasks, and board responsibilities (in collaboration with the Vice President and Secretary).

- Represents the society’s viewpoints and initiatives in meetings, phone calls, and presentations to external audiences.

- Coordinates Leadership Board meetings and decision-making with input from current and former board members, including overseeing official board votes and bylaw amendments.

- Represents the society and leverages connections in the international education space (along with the CLSAS Secretary and Partnerships Coordinator) to collaborate with other organizations and groups, including other alumni organizations.

Executive Role 2: Vice President

- Oversees CLSAS committees including their strategic direction and distribution of tasks, in conjunction with the President.

- Oversees CLSAS-affiliated activities, including a podcast series.

- Plans the CLSAS Annual Conference with the Events and Partnerships Coordinators.

- Assists in CLSAS membership recruitment and application approvals.

- Connects committee volunteers to different committees and board activities.

- Assists the Financial Coordinator in the organization’s financial management, including by identifying grant and funding opportunities.


Executive Role 3: Secretary 

- The CLSAS secretary is responsible for administrative tasks, which include managing membership and event registrations, maintaining social media accounts, and coordinating mentorship pairings.

- Serves as the primary contact for communications with American Councils, compiling and sending monthly updates and interim updates as needed. 

- As an executive committee member, the secretary has additional responsibilities as per the organization bylaws and collaborates with the president and vice president on certain issues pertaining to organizational planning.

Executive Role 4: Treasurer/Financial Coordinator

- Leads all CLSAS financial policies, nonprofit status, and banking matters, including the logging of financial transactions including membership dues.

- Reports regularly to the board on CLSAS financial matters, in the form of monthly/quarterly financial reports.

- Ensures CLSAS maintains its nonprofit 501c3 status federally and with the District of Columbia.

- Collaborates with board members to fund, reimburse, and track expenses for society activities.

Non-Executive Committee Roles


- Runs and updates the CLSAS website,, including adding content at the request of leadership board members and updating opportunity listings.

- Oversees other communications and advertising tasks of the board, including the Newsletter Committee and social media channels.

- Creates graphics and promotional materials for the society, in coordination with the Data Coordinator and other board members.


Community Outreach

- Engages with CLSAS members to learn about their community engagement and volunteer interests.

- Identifies in-person and virtual opportunities for CLSAS members to use their language skills to serve communities.

- Proposes the above opportunities and participation to CLSAS members.

- As determined by Events Coordinator, invites community service organizations to attend CLSAS events, conferences, and/or career fairs.



- Maintains the membership application form and corresponding membership data.

- Cleans, organizes, and performs backups of membership data and historical data (fliers, minutes, etc.)

- Queries membership database for lists of members at the request of anyone on the leadership board.

- Produces visualizations and statistical analysis of the membership data for presentations, fliers, and partnerships.

- Maintains the security and privacy of personally identifiable data by clearly communicating data access, usage, and sharing principles to the board.


Event Management

- Brainstorms and plans meaningful professional development and networking opportunities for CLSAS members with alumni ambassadors/CLS alums.

- Assists with execution of virtual and in-person events whenever possible, including in conjunction with the annual conference.

- Promotes event-related information on social media.

- Works with partnerships director to secure event funding.



- Solicits content, creates, and circulates a quarterly CLSAS newsletter with unique content.

- Interviews CLS alumni and staff to gather materials for newsletter and other promotional content.

- Compiles poetry, prose, and photographs for the newsletter.

- Collaborates with the Events Coordinator to advertise CLSAS events.


- Leads the Partnerships Committee of CLSAS in as-needed work. Per bylaw amendments, annually draft/update templates for memoranda of understanding (MOU's) and formal partnership agreements. 

- Leads efforts to build professional and academic opportunities for CLS alumni with outside partners in government, academia, and the private sector.

- Maintains relationships and regular communication with relevant Executive Branch offices, such as the State Department, to support CLSAS programming. This is to be performed in conjunction with other CLSAS Leadership Board members, such as the President, Vice President, Secretary, Event Coordinator and others. 

- Leads efforts to advocate on behalf of CLS and other international education programs.

- Assists the CLSAS Executives with maintaining the organization's relationship with American Councils for International Education and any other non-profits that may administer CLS programs in the future.

Thank you for your interest! The 2020-2021 CLSAS Leadership Board application has now closed. Please keep an eye on your email for voting instructions.

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